Source Code Release: Das neue Jugendschutzgesetz

Der Source Code von Das neue Jugendschutzgesetz Paragraf 3 ist nun auf Github verfügbar:

Der Code ist wenig kommentiert, eignet sich also nur bedingt als Anschauungsmaterial für Anfänger.

Die von mir erstellen Grafiken und Codeteile stehen unter CC-BY-NC-SA, die anderen und der Rest ist Eigentum seiner jeweiligen Urheber.

[Dev] [Unity] Dungeon Notes

Again it’s time to talk about something else than Maniac Mansion Mania and AGS.

German version available on the Maniac Mansion Mania forums.

Recently I did a gamedev related curse at my university called „Game Development in 3D“. Sounds more promising than it actually was. „Introduction to Unity“ would be a more appropiate title since it is just working with Unity. Nothing more. With some topics completly left out (like for example the particle system) and using Unity’s JavaScript dialect as the scripting language instead of C#. Nothing too exciting. But hey, what can you expect from the media faculty? (Computer Science students FTW) ^_^

dungeon notes screenshot

3D modelling isn’t really my thing.

Anyway, at the end of the curse we had to make a short game. At first I planned to make another Bomberman clone but with exploding smartphones instead of bombs. But then I thought that it would be boring and I wanted to avoid working on enemy AI. Instead I went for a concept that would be more reminiscent of Bomberman 64: The player navigates through a labyrinth, collects objects to gain points and destroys walls to advance further. The game is over once the player reaches a certain area.

Actually a nice concept. The problem was, like always, my procrastination. 90% of the game were made on the day the game was due. Therefore the game is complely unpolished and I couldn’t implement demanded features like sound or network capabilities without missing the deadline. There was of curse the option to fail the curse and doing it again next semester. But I didn’t want to as I have enough other things to do. Also the curse was from a different faculty and I don’t know what happens if I fail it. So I rather except the bad grade.

I plan on improving the game and developing it further. But since I have enough other projects to do, that will probably not happen.

The game can be played here.
Controlls: W,A,S,D or arrow keys, Space for placing a bomb and return for opening a chest. Sorry for the tank controls.

[Dev] [MMM55] First Milestone

I was finally able to gain a victory against my procrastination and worked on the game on the last three days. Now, the first milestone is reached: All puzzles to complete the game using the canonical path are implemented. However there is still a lot of work to do: There are many placeholders for graphics, no cutscenes are implemented and most items lack comments.

The problem with switching between the worlds is also solved: There will be an alarm clock, that brings the player back into the real world. But it has yet to be decided if the player just gets the alarm clock or if searching for it will be an additional puzzle. At the moment the alarm clock just sits on Bernard’s desk.
frozen kitchen

[Dev] [MMM55] Reorganizing

My last post is already four months old so it’s about time to break the silence.

I decided to reorganize this devblog. From now on, all posts about The Hamsterman will be in english while I’ll continue to post them in german in the Maniac Mansion Mania forums:

What is this all about?

The Hamsterman also known by it’s full title Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 55: The Hamsterman is a classic Point’n’Click adventure game currently development. It’s made in the style of the old LucasArts/Lucasfilm Games adventures and also takes place within the universe of Maniac Mansion. It’s adapted from Hamsters of the mysterious man: Chapter of dream, a game I made way back in 2006.

The story goes like this: One evening Bernard finds a straying hamster in front of his home, left there by a man dressed in black attire. Later that night Bernard has strange dreams that seem to be connected to that hamster. As he wakes up Bernard finds his new pet missing as well as his dreams continuing in reality.

When it was first released in 2006 the game recieved praise for it’s ideas and concept but was heavily critised for it’s bugs. The game suffered from my inexperience in writing good game code (or good code in general), complete misunderstanding about the works of a C-like language and a poorly executed testing phase. Therefore I decided to recreate the entire game from scratch and make it playable for the first time.

Why posting in english all of the sudden? Will the game be in english?

I want to reach a bigger audience. Also talking to international students made me realize that I have problems phrasing english sentences. Not because I’m bad in english but simply because I lack practice. So I think this will be good exercise.
For the game: The game will be available with an english translation from day 1 on. But this translation will be done by myself and will most likely be full of errors. I’ll try to find a native speaker to check the translation later on.

[Dev] [MMM51] Ronville – Tag und Nacht

(Himmel bewahre…)

Momentan bin ich dabei, die Hintergrund-Grafiken für die Realtität zu erstellen. Sprich, die Bernoulli-Haus-Grafiken auf Nacht zu trimmen. Von irgendwelchen Lichteffekten, Farbabdunkelungen lasse ich erstmal die Finger. Außer bei der Außenansicht des Hauses. Heißt also nur: Jeweils die Fenster ändern. Plus die Rollläden für Bernards Zimmer anfertigen.